Welcome to Troop 4 Pasadena

Current, as well as past Scouts and leaders join together for a group photo

Founded in 1913, Troop 4 is one of the oldest Scout troops in the western U.S. and one of the largest in the Greater Los Angeles Area Council. Because of our history and large volunteer staff, we offer a variety of exciting events, projects, and adventures for the complete Scouting experience. Troop 4 Scouts have fun and that’s the key to our success in building character, leadership, and a commitment to community service.

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Camporee 2019

406 Scouts – Best attendance in years
Fire building event run by Troop 4 senior Scouts under the leadership of ASPL Wulf Heinsen
Crispy Colonels and Vikings Patrol – Earned Scout Spirit Awards – The Crispy Colonels also got a 2nd place ribbon. 
The Vikings, Chumbuckets and Goblin/Gorillas received participation ribbons.
ASPL Wulf Heinsen represented the Troop for the Campsite construction award.
Chilling at Coyote Ridge. 

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Monthly parent meetings start Monday April 8 at 7:30pm.

In order to better communicate and build a tighter community, the Troop leadership has decided to start a monthly parents’ meeting on the second Monday night of each month, during the troop meeting. This has been successful in other troops. The first meeting will be this Monday, April 8. We will start at 7:30 pm. We will discuss upcoming events, welcome and orient new parents, and enjoy getting to know each other better. Just as older scouts mentor younger ones, experienced scout parents can guide newer ones.

All current scout parents should do their best to attend each month. Remember, the more you are involved in your boys’ scouting experience, the better it will be. See you Monday!

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Pre Camporee

Great Pre Camporee trip to Camp Trask. Salamander races, Fire building, pioneering, tot’en Chip, cooking, cleaning, sign offs, sports, and fun.




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Charles Acker Eagle Scout

Congratulations to Charles Acker for achieving Scouting’s highest rank!


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Calendar updates

To help us better prepare for a great Camporee, the Court of Honor is postponed until Monday, April 15.

The new parent orientation will take place during our Troop meeting on Monday, April 1. New parents, if you have not yet signed up for our Google Group email list, please do so. This is an important means of communication. The link is always at the bottom right corner of this home page as well as the calendar.

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Death Valley Camping

Troop 4 had a fantastic time in Death Valley camping this weekend.  We explored the Devil’s Golf Course, Badwater, and spent a lot of time surfing sand dunes!  We also took advantage of the fact that Death Valley is one of the three darkest spots on Earth to catch the Milky Way.

Here are some photos I took and there are more in this online album.
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Death Valley Camping

We will be leaving Friday March 8 and returning Sunday March 10. It is a 4.5 hour drive to the campsite, so cars will be leaving at different times depending on availability to get off work and school. The earliest car will likely leave around 3 to 3:30 pm and the latest around 8pm.  

  • IMPORTANT!  Be at Scouthaus this Thursday at 7pm for a gear up. 
    • Check gear (especially younger scouts) 
    • Ensure that grubmasters for each patrol have food. 
    • Ensure that everyone has a ride and knows when to meet their driver. 
    • Bring permission slip
    • Fee is only $10 plus $20 for your grubmaster. 
      • You can pay by Paypal (note Death Valley in comment) or bring a check to “Troop 4” on Thursday night.  
  • If the Thursday meeting is quick, Mr. Heinsen will start the photography merit badge class afterwards for those taking the merit badge.
  • Scout cell phones will be allowed on this trip for those taking the photography merit badge class with Mr. Heinsen if that is the camera you want to use. 
    • If you aren’t taking the class, or are using another camera, leave your cell phone at home. They disrupt communication and camraderie. 
    • If you are concerned about staying in touch, adult leaders will be sending periodic updates to the Google Group. 
    • All cell phones will be held by trip leaders unless needed by scouts for the photography work.
  • This is a base camp, so pack accordingly. We will probably do a day hike. It will be chilly during the day and cold at night. Dress accordingly.

If you cannot make the Thursday meeting, please let me know who you will be riding with, and who your grubmaster is BEFORE Thursday, and bring your payment and permission slips on Friday.

This will be a great trip!

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Idlehour Backpack Trip

IMG_0007 (1).jpeg

Troop 4 had a great backpacking trip this past weekend. 15.5 miles and over 3000ft of elevation gain. It got cold, (35ºF) but everyone made it and gained confidence.

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Eagle Scout Jose Amezcua

Congratulations to Jose Amezcua for attaining the rank of Eagle scout tonight. Jose was Senior Patrol Leader last year and has been serving as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. He plans to continue helping with the troop as a merit badge counselor. I know he has big plans for college and career. Great Job!
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Firestone campout




Firestone campout was a fun filed adventure that had the scouts working together to have fun and solve problems. Football and cards made this a very enjoyable campout. David Gieselman, scout Web-Master

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