Welcome to Troop 4 Pasadena

Current, as well as past Scouts and leaders join together for a group photo

Founded in 1913, Troop 4 is one of the oldest Boy Scout troops in the western U.S. and, with nearly a hundred Scouts, one of the largest in the San Gabriel Valley Council.

Because of our history and large, volunteer staff, we offer a variety of exciting events, projects, and adventures for the complete Scouting experience.

The boys at Troop 4 have fun and that’s the key to our success in building character, leadership, and a commitment to community service. Learn more by contacting us at Troop4Mail. Also make sure to check out our “This Is Troop 4” video! Click Here>>

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Mt. Lowe Backpack

On the weekend of March 24-26, 2017, Boy Scouts from Troop 4 went on a backpacking trip up in the San Gabriel Mountains. On Friday night, the boys hiked up the trail from Eaton Canyon to Henninger Flats Campground and camped overnight. The next morning, the boys continued to hike about 4 miles to Idlehour Campground and stopped for lunch.

MtLoweT42017After, they hiked up a grueling trail for over four miles with many switchbacks and a steep incline in elevation. It was almost dusk by the time they got to Mt. Lowe Campground.

“It was a good first backpack. Sort of challenging, but fun.” -Adrian Villaneda

The scouts were exhausted. That night, the boys camped near the ruins of the Ye Alpine Tavern. Just before the troop headed back, they stopped by Inspiration Point to see miles of clouds in front of them. On the way back, the scouts visited the Echo Mountain Hotel.

From there, the scouts were excited to get back home from a long backpacking trip.

By: Mathew HU


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Court of Honor – October 9, 2016

daily-photo-la-rodeoOver 120 Troop friends and family attend this season’s Court of Honor. Many Scouts were awarded for their achievements after weeks, months and sometimes year of hard work.

The ceremony was followed by at least five selections of delicious, homemade pulled pork, deli sandwiches, salads, desserts–even a tub of horchata!

Find more photos of your Scouts.


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The Philmont Crew Arrive!


The Troop 4 Philmont Crew arrive at basecamp. Let’s see how they look after their adventure!

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Memorial Day Flag Placement


“It was fun. We got here early. There were donuts. They drove us to the base of Lake Avenue and then we slowly walked up and put American flags into holes. The flags were pulled from the Troop’s trucks following us.” -Owen

There is a long standing tradition with Troop 4 to commemorate Memorial Day, a national, patriotic holiday. On the morning of Memorial Day, May 30, 2016, led by Mrs. Wong-Martinez and Che, two teams of about seven Boy Scouts placed American flags down Lake Avenue in Pasadena. The boys walked on opposite sides of the sidewalk and set the flags in their place holders. Later around 4 p.m., the boys came back to pick up the flags. Parents helped by driving their vehicles along side the scouts to carry the flags.

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Camporee Fun


“It was lots of fun. The camp staff were very polite. The idea of having a mystery question was intriguing. The competitions were very challenging.” – Michael

Under the direction of Mr. Emerson, on April 22-24, 2016, Troop 4 Boy Scouts attended this year’s Camporee located at Camp Trask in Monrovia. The theme was “mystery” and scouts were divided into patrols.  Patrols had responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning-up, fire building, and getting water. The younger scouts competed and displayed their knowledge & experience in skills such as fire building, map and compass, and first aid.

Many Troops in the Rose Bowl district competed. The older T4 scouts helped score the competition at Troop 4’s fire building station.  When it was not competition time, the troop ate, played, and spent time bonding with one another. The day culminated with an awards presentation. The Scouts departed Sunday morning after church service at the chapel.
Reporting by Matthew Hu

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Pre Camporee 2016


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New T4 Backpackers help make instructional video


Led by our fearless leader, Mr. Grace, new Troop 4 backpackers hiked in 2-miles to Gould Mesa Campground to learn more about backpacking gear and lightweight techniques.

There, they were introduced to more than four different instructional stations including proper stove lighting, cozy-making, site selection, how to hang a bear bag and more. Our scouts also took time to help make a highlight video of their day.


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Boys Shred Snow Valley

T4-Skisnow vall-160220-7684

On February 20, 2016, Troop 4 spent the day at Snow Valley, tearing up the granular!

Open this link on your mobile device; get the app here.


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Camp Cherry Valley — July 31 – Aug. 6, 2016

CherryValleyBanner2Located on legendary Santa Catalina Island, it is a ferry ride across the channel to a camp that dates to the 1920s. A picturesque cove with sandy beach, swimming area and

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Bridge To Nowhere Backpack — July 2015

Bridge to NowhereCheck out the boy’s backpack highlight video of our trip into the East Fork below.

buttonThere is also a short clip of someone we met in camp… Click Here

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