Scouts Summit Wilson on 17 Mile Backpack!

Scouts prove their strength and stamina as they hike to the top of Mt. Wilson.

“The backpacking trip was EPIC!  We hiked to the summit of Mount Wilson!  The freeze dried teriyaki chicken and chili-mac was excellent. This was the best trip with the troop so far. I will definitely come to the next one.  –Evan Nachtrieb


Story by Danny Comer, Age 11

Last weekend we did a backpack. This hike was 17 miles (24 “backpacking miles”) from Chantry Flats to Eaton canyon and qualifies for the San Gabriel Trails Award. We did it in two and a half days.

When we started, we walked down a concrete trail to a huge junction. This was honestly the worst part of the hike (not saying it was bad) because there were lots of people and it was not really nature. From the junction we went to Hogee’s campground and spent the night. The only part of this that was bad was hooligans partying till late and people trying to get firewood at 11:00. From that point on, everything was nice.

Lot’s of nature undisturbed by man. It was hard but the scenery was perfect. We hit Manzanita Ridge and took a break. Once we finished the break we went up. We had an option after 0.9 miles: we could summit Mt. Wilson or we could go down the toll road to our next campground. After debate, we went to summit Mt. Wilson.

When we got to Mt Wilson, I got a feeling that I love: success!

It’s an entirely different experience to hike to Mt. Wilson instead of drive up it. We got some snacks that really hit the spot (like ice cream) and went down to the toll road. We hiked down for a while. You could not really tell time right then. Once we got down to our campground, we slept. ….we were cowboy camping.

When we left the camp we hiked. There was not really the world’s best view because we were walking through the overcast clouds. We got back at Eaton Canyon and left. This was very fun, but you cannot go without knowledge of what to do.

Leaving Chantry Flats

Hiking along Lower Winter Creek Trail

Setting up camp at Hoegee’s

Scouts hanging the bear bag using the PCT Method

Dinner preparation

Scouts telling stories by the fire

Boys wake up early after a good night of “cowboy camping”

All packs prepared and boys well-hydrated for the next segment of trail to the top of Mt. Wilson

Scouts work on their map skills as they plan today’s route

Rugged hikers take a break along the Mt. Wilson Trail

Proof of the Scouts accomplishment!

The Scouts are treated to an ice cream at the top

Atop Mt. Wilson with the famous towers in the background

Taking a break on the Toll Road

Waking up to wet and foggy conditions, but everyone stayed warm and dry

Henninger Flats

Heading down the Toll Road on the last let of our trip

The crew after completing over 17 miles (24 “backpacking miles”)