Mt. Zion Loop Via Spruce Grove Backpack


Scouts complete Mt. Zion 10-mile loop; earn Santa Anita section of the San Gabriel Trails Award

On Friday, September 20, 2013, seven Scouts, five ASMs and one trail dog, left Chantry Flats for a 10 mile hike. The journey began as the Scouts led the group down into Big Santa Anita Canyon. “Epic Danny” set the pace forJTP-T4Zion-28.jpg the four-mile hike along the stream, up past the brink of Sturtevant Falls and into shady, Spruce Grove. Once at camp, the boys set up camp with home-made tarps, ate dinner and spent the night under the stars.¬† Note that all the food was chosen, prepared and packed by Scouts!

On Saturday morning, the T4 Scouts woke to make breakfast, tear down camp and prepare for the six mile hike. After pumping water from the stream, they gathered the troops for the hike and hit the trail.

JTP-T4Zion-104.jpgFirst stop was Camp Sturtevant and then on to summit Mt. Zion. The trail leading down the mountain gave Scouts great views as they dropped into Winter Creek where they  stopped for lunch. The remaining three miles went fast. The pace picked up, literally leaving the ASMs in the dust to greet parents back at Chantry Flats.


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