Sean King Grant Approved; Finished Eagle Project Early

Sean - DSC_0016

On November 23, 2013 Troop 4 had another Eagle Scout project. Sean King and the help that he received from Troop 4 scouts and scouters finished his Eagle Scout project. The project was taking apart old park benches, six from Sierra Vista Park and four from Memorial Park, and replacing the old wood from the table and bench portions with newly painted wood.

Sean - DSC_0009We also used new washers, bolts, and nuts for each bench we refurnished. The project started at around 8:00 am and ended around 5:00pm. We finished a little past the time that the project was supposed to take but we finished two days of work in one day so the project will not have to be finished on Sunday. Overall the project was a success and well planned. Everything went smoothly even though the project was short on scouts we made it up with experience, hardworking scouts and scouters, and good leadership provided by Sean.

By Ryan Sharpe, Troop Historian


A note from Sean:

Sean - DSC_0005The City of Sierra Madre has a foundation that supports projects that “enhance the quality of life in Sierra Madre for the benefit of all the residents.”  Since my project is to fix the picnic tables in Sierra Vista Park and Memorial Park which are located in Sierra Madre, I applied for a $2,500 grant to assist with the cost of the project.  I submitted the grant application October 15th, 2013 and learned of the approval on November 18th, 2013 just in time for my project this coming weekend.  I am really grateful for this grant as it makes funding this project much, much easier.