New T4 Backpackers help make instructional video


Led by our fearless leader, Mr. Grace, new Troop 4 backpackers hiked in 2-miles to Gould Mesa Campground to learn more about backpacking gear and lightweight techniques.

There, they were introduced to more than four different instructional stations including proper stove lighting, cozy-making, site selection, how to hang a bear bag and more. Our scouts also took time to help make a highlight video of their day.


Scouts Summit Wilson on 17 Mile Backpack!

Scouts prove their strength and stamina as they hike to the top of Mt. Wilson.

“The backpacking trip was EPIC!  We hiked to the summit of Mount Wilson!  The freeze dried teriyaki chicken and chili-mac was excellent. This was the best trip with the troop so far. I will definitely come to the next one.  –Evan Nachtrieb Continue reading