Base Campers & Backpackers Meet at Summit–June 29, 2013

Scouts from Jackson Flats and Little Jimmy Campground, both depart their camps before dawn to summit Mt. Baden Powell.

Despite record-breaking heat, determined Scouts complete a first-ever accent of Mt. Baden Powell from two separate camps to mark the Troop’s 100th Anniversary! The summit also completes T4’s attempt of 100 miles of biking, hiking and kayaking for 2013.

Stories from the Scouts that made it happen to follow… Continue reading

San Jacinto Snow Backpack — January 26 & 27, 2013

Both Scouts and ASMs work their way up the trail to Round Valley Campground

On Saturday morning at 8am, the cars began rolling into the parking at Westminster Church. We were embarking on an adventure most have never experienced before: snow camping. Not just snow camping but snow backpacking. A week earlier, an Alaskan cold snap slammed Southern California bringing cold winds and snow to the mountains. Temperatures hovered in the teens at our destination but days before the trip, a high pressure system knocked out the cold storms making our weekend possible. The forecast called for rain and snow. The photos tell the rest of the story…. Continue reading