Memorial Day Flag Placement


“It was fun. We got here early. There were donuts. They drove us to the base of Lake Avenue and then we slowly walked up and put American flags into holes. The flags were pulled from the Troop’s trucks following us.” -Owen

There is a long standing tradition with Troop 4 to commemorate Memorial Day, a national, patriotic holiday. On the morning of Memorial Day, May 30, 2016, led by Mrs. Wong-Martinez and Che, two teams of about seven Boy Scouts placed American flags down Lake Avenue in Pasadena. The boys walked on opposite sides of the sidewalk and set the flags in their place holders. Later around 4 p.m., the boys came back to pick up the flags. Parents helped by driving their vehicles along side the scouts to carry the flags.

Fourth of July 2014



Troop 4 put up numerous American Flags up and down Lake Avenue. This time, Mr. Grace was in charge of the event and will be in charge of taking down the flags as well.  Fourth of July  is just one of the holidays that American flags can be seen lining Lake Avenue courtesy of the Boy Scouts of Troop 4. Other Holidays where you can see the flags up and waving on Lake Avenue are Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and Labor Day.

Post by: Ryan Sharpe, Historian