ASM’s Complete Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

Recently, four T4 Assistant Scout Masters, Mr. Emerson, Mr. White,  Mrs. Taylorson and Mr. Taylorson completed their Wilderness First Aid certification.

The course was held at Gould Mesa Campground in the Arroyo Seco. They backpacked in about two miles while learning about edible plants and basic wilderness survival. Once at their destination, they set up camp and began the course which lasted until 10:00 that night. The next morning, after coffee and a hardy breakfast, the ASMs continued their intensive learning throughout the day.

For those interested in renewing or earning their Wilderness First Aid certification, contact the recent grads and they can help arrange another class.

The course was directed by American Red Cross-certified, Alan Halcon of Alan is the author of “The Hand Drill” as well as a member of the City of Los Angeles’s CERT Team, FEMA certified in incident command, a Survival Instructor, and a certified instructor/provider for The American Red Cross in Wilderness First-Aid, CPR and Basic First-Aid. Mr. Halcon is also a combat life saver the record holder at getting a coal with the handdrill… 2 Seconds!