Adults complete online Youth Protection Training (YPT)

  • This is required for all adults registered with BSA.
  • Even unregistered parents who plan to have contact with any Scout other than their own, such as driving Scouts to/from events or engaging in Scout activities, must have YPT training.
  • You can get YPT training when you sign up or login at You do not have to be registered with BSA to have access to
  • Training must be completed annually and takes about 90 minutes online.

Why adults should register with BSA.

  • Scout success is greatly improved with parental involvement.
  • Registered adults are properly trained to lead Scouts safely and effectively. “Every Scout deserves a trained leader.”
  • Enjoy camaraderie and the satisfaction of working with other registered adults and leaders to guide the Troop.
  • Give only as much time as you can. Everyone is a volunteer!
  • YOUR life skills are valuable to our Scouts.
  • Unregistered adults participating in Scout activities are not covered by BSA insurance or liability waivers.

Adult registration instructions.

  • Adults registering for the first time need to complete the entire form using the button below.
  • Adults changing position in the troop need to complete the form, but do not need to supply a SSN again.
  • New for 2020: all adults must complete the Background Check Authorization to be re-registered, even if not changing positions.
Adult Application


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