Backpack Scouts

Welcome to the Troop 4 Backpacking Program. Troop 4 schedules approximately one backpack outing each month for all levels of backpackers. We also schedule about two rock climbing events as well.

Monthly backpack trips range from short, overnight ventures of 6 miles to weekend treks of up to 25 miles for advanced backpackers.  Typical weekend trips begin Friday afternoons and return Sundays. Week-long treks through the High Sierra are a T4 favorite and usually cover 50 miles or more.

Approximately every other year, Troop 4 attends Philmont Scout Ranch where experienced Scouts and Scouters are trail tested for 10 days, often doing 50 to 80 miles.

Most of our weekend backpack trips are in our local San Gabriel Mountains, and sometimes venture out to the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains. We try to center our treks on the San Gabriel Trails and San Bernardino Trails Weekend Backpack Awards.

The Troop 4 Backpacking Program is open to all qualified Scouts and ASMs.

Minimum qualification includes all 2nd year Scouts or older and ASMs who have attended a T4 Backpacking 101 Workshop. Some high adventure trips may require additional training and/or qualification.

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