San Gabriel Trails Award

SanGabTrailsAwardThe San Gabriel Trails Award was developed to encourage Scouts to experience backpacking and exploring the San Gabriel Mountains. The award is designed to encourage wise use and proper maintenance of the trails and campsites within the Angeles National Forest.

The award consists of a main patch and a series of segments, allowing the unit options as to the trails and trail camps to be explored.

Each segment requires an overnight backpack outing of at least five (5) scheduled hours. John Robinson’s “Trails of The Angeles” is referenced for appropriate hikes in each segment area. Current USGS topographic maps should be consulted for trail details.


1.    Comply with the General Requirements.

2.    Obtain a Local Tour Plan from your council.

3.    Obtain required Fire Permit and Wilderness Permit (Check in and out with local USFS or State Park Ranger when possible). Must comply with all USFS and State Park regulations.

4.    Complete a backpack application with a roster of participants, menus, itinerary, and trail profile. Submit the completed form to your council H A.T. for approval at least four weeks prior to the outing.

5.    At least one of the required two adult leaders participating on the outing must have completed the basic backpack awareness course and hold a current Red Cross First Aid Certificate.

6.    Each participant shall complete the following: Carry a backpack containing all his personal gear, a share of the crew equipment, and food for a minimum of 5 scheduled backpack hours.

7.    He must sleep at least 1 night in a back country trail camp in one of the listed segment areas. (1 backpack hour = 2 miles or 1000 feet in elevation gain).

8.    Each participant must work on a good turn project within the National Forest for each trail segment earned. (Projects involving trail repair and maintenance require the supervision of a Trail Boss or Forest Ranger)

9.    After completing a weekend outing in one of the listed areas, the unit leader shall file an Award Application and a hike report listing all participants who earned this award and/or segment (A three-day, two-night backpack of 10 or more backpack hours through two adjacent areas may earn both segments).

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