Scoutmasters honor Don Valentine

On January 9th 2020 a memorial was held for Don Valentine. Don was Scoutmaster of Troop 4 from 1961 to 1964. In 2014 the Valentine family was featured in Scouting Magazine for having 4 generations of Eagle Scouts. Quoting from that article, “George Josten, received his Eagle Badge from Scouting’s founder Lord Baden-Powell himself at a ceremony held in Madison Square Garden on May 17, 1919.  George was a member of Troop 9 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Don Valentine, received his Eagle Badge on October 10, 1949 as a member of Troop 9 in Pasadena. Don has been a member of the San Gabriel Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America for 76 years, making him its longest tenured member. Bill Valentine, was a member of Troop 377 in Pasadena and was presented his Eagle Badge on June 13, 1980. Brent Valentine is a member of Troop 90 in Newport Beach and was presented his Eagle Badge on Feb 12,2014. It’s evident that Scouting is a celebrated and cherished tradition in the Valentine family. Here is a picture of Bill, Don and Brent.

And here is a collection of Troop 4 Scoutmasters and Committee Chairman that attended the memorial.

Joshua Cunningham’s Eagle Project


2nd Saturday(Plus Friday night): January 17th – 18th
Henninger Flats Fuji Campground
Clearing out part of campground and installing 1 picnic table, 1 bench, 1 prep table, 1 stove, and planting trees
Bring gloves and working with clothes and be ready to backpack and spend the night. We will be hiking up together on Friday night and earning hiking miles, service hours, camping nights and the fire safety merit badge. 

Morro Bay Kayaking 2019

Thanks to Dr. Neely for leading a fantastic trip to Morro Bay for Kayaking on his birthday! Lots of Dads drove and Jay Chapman cooked great food for all of the Old Goats. SPL Wulf Heinsen took care of the three patrols of scouts participating. A little cloudy in the morning, but it cleared up nicely before noon.