Plant ID at Eaton Canyon

Local native plant expert, Mrs. Taylorson, took a group of new Scouts deep into Eaton Canyon at the base of the mighty San Gabriels to identify at least ten native plants.

The intrepid Scouts came back with knowledge over over 25 plants! They learned which plants are edible as well as those that are poisonous. Along the dusty trail, some of the Scouts discovered various animal evidence, including a dead striped racer snake, coyote scat and a few native insect sightings.

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North Shore Base Camp


Planned, organized and lead by Life Scout, Jake McCann, the T4 Scouts had a great time last weekend. The weather was fantastic although it did rain on Friday night–Scouts earned a puddle duck. Friday night dinner at the Malt Shop

Saturday, 2 mile hike to Dry Creek for scouts to enjoy swimming in the creek. Also, got to see Off Road vehicles on the trail, climbing some steep inclines. Scouts got various sign-offs, Toten Chip, Fire Building, Flag Ceremony and Leave no Trace.

Saturday, they went to the lake to see a Classic Car and Wooden Boat show.

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