Annual Planning Meeting Synopsis

IMGP5947On Saturday, August 16, we Scouts had a planning meeting held by our Senior Patrol Leader, Jake.

We met at Scout Master Emerson’s house. He was very kind for letting us have a planning meeting and party at his house. We planned out the events that would take place during this coming year. We also confirmed the usual routine campouts like Cherry Valley, Camporee. We brought up and wrote down ideas for new campouts, like a possible fishing trip (Check out the Troop’s Adventures At-A-Glance page for more info on the events that got accepted).

The Planning Meeting was a fantastic get-together for all of the scouts that were there, and during one of the breaks we did a raffle for different things like a fishing rod, flint fire-starter, flashlights and more.

All in all, it was a great meeting that I was happy to be at.

By: Adam McFarlane, Troop Historian