Bandido 2013

Bandido copyBandido Trip Report

by Ryan Sharpe

On September 28 and 29, Troop 4 went on their annual campout to Bandido. It is always a _DSC9340.jpgfun and enjoyable campout.

A couple of the Scouts that went had this to say: Caleb, part of the Hot Arrows patrol, said that he “enjoyed the rappelling and climbing.” Rappelling and climbing is one of the unique aspects of Bandido and is always a fun event. Caleb also added that during free time the troop enjoyed a game of “Infection.”

Jake M. is one of our Scout leaders who took Climb on Safely earlier this year. He ran one of the climbing shifts and was in charge of organizing the Scouts for rappelling and climbing among the rocks. He said that “everything ran smoothly and there were no problems.” One of the adult leaders, Mr. Peck, had things to add about the campfire. Mr. Peck said, “there were a lot of skits with a good camp fire on Saturday night.” Mr. Peck, Troop Rock Climbing Instructor, said that no one backed down and everyone made it. Bandido is always a fun  campout and our Troop can’t wait for next year when we go back for another visit.