Camporee Fun


“It was lots of fun. The camp staff were very polite. The idea of having a mystery question was intriguing. The competitions were very challenging.” – Michael

Under the direction of Mr. Emerson, on April 22-24, 2016, Troop 4 Boy Scouts attended this year’s Camporee located at Camp Trask in Monrovia. The theme was “mystery” and scouts were divided into patrols.  Patrols had responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning-up, fire building, and getting water. The younger scouts competed and displayed their knowledge & experience in skills such as fire building, map and compass, and first aid.

Many Troops in the Rose Bowl district competed. The older T4 scouts helped score the competition at Troop 4’s fire building station.  When it was not competition time, the troop ate, played, and spent time bonding with one another. The day culminated with an awards presentation. The Scouts departed Sunday morning after church service at the chapel.
Reporting by Matthew Hu