High Sierra Backpack 2014


The T4 Boy Scouts and Scouters took about one week and covered 60 actual miles in six days. By most accounts, the crew considered this summer adventure as one of their all-time favorite.

Here are a few words from some of the scouts:

About a month before I joined the group on the this trip, I accomplished 80 miles in New Mexico at a camp called Philmont Scout Ranch, so I was ready for this trip. I loved looking around views that I would usually have to pay for on a picture.

The trails wrecked my knees, but the animals, abundance of water, and great memories made it completely worth it. What I learned was we need to experience tough challenges to see the real character in people.

Thank you for the great memories i was able to share with everyone.

Michael Mastromatteo


The high Sierra backpack was a very challenging and fun experience. Each day was about 10 miles, although some days were longer than others. There was only one day where the weather was rough; it hailing, raining, there was thunder, and there was lightning. Everyone did well on the trip. The first day was probably one of the hardest days because we all had to get used to the altitude.

Before the trip, I learned a few things to help with the weight of my backpack and other useful tips. My pack weight (including six days of food and a quart of water) ended up weighing 38 pounds. If it weren’t for Mr. Taylorson, I would have had less fun on this trip because my pack would have been so heavy.

I also learned that if you get up earlier, you arrive at camp earlier in the day. This would allow us to do other things while there was still light out. For example, one day we went swimming in a stream. Overall it was great experience for everyone and everyone learned something new.

By David Emerson

The first day was very hard for me as I wasn’t used to the altitude and my backpack.  Also, it was hot the first day.  It was a new experience for me to hike in the rain and the hail.  The other scouts and I built a shelter with the tarp, shielding us from the rain and hail which was a great learning experience.  I really got to know my fellow scouts and we talked about a lot of stuff as we were hiking and at meals.

The mountains were amazing and something I’ve never seen before up close.  The streams and the waterfalls were awesome, especially playing with the frogs.  It was fun to swim in the stream with everyone.  It was very spiritual to be in the outdoors for a week with no communication other than each other and my own thoughts.

Mr. Taylorson, thank you for all your hard work and time to make this an amazing trip for me.  I really learned a lot about backpacking and want to do it again.

Jordan White

This backpack was what I joined Troop 4 to do. It was fun, challenging, and beautiful. The High Sierra is full of breathtaking rivers, mountains, valleys, and trees. The weather was wonderful and exciting. We withstood hail and rain on the first two days, but our rain gear kept us dry and cozy throughout the more adventurous weather.  This is one of the best backpacks I have been on.

Evan Nachtrieb

Our route was Evolution Valley (the most beautiful place on earth), it was 60 miles long, I would have to say that it was more mentally challenging than anything else because you have to get up every day and hike at least 10 miles or more. But the trip was the most fun I ever had on a backpack before.

The weather—I swear—was bi-polar because it would change all the time from rain to hail to wind to pure hot sun. It was actually kind of funny to watch it go from a bright sunny morning to a cold rain with hail and thunder/lightning storm in a matter of a few hours. I was not really challenged by it because I had all the proper rain gear.

My Thorns, Buds & Roses: My 14 blisters were my thorns; my growth in backpacking knowledge was my buds; the fact that the entire trip was so beautiful was my roses.

As far as my gear goes the only thing that was challenging was my tent, boots, and the fact that I had no hiking poles.

The biggest life lesson that I learned to be grateful with what you have.

Jacob Jagoras