Registration for 2019 – YPT

Please click the Annual Registration tab above to access forms and instructions to re-register Scouts and adult leaders.  All adult leaders need to complete YPT training at a minimum.  Adult leaders without YPT certification completed in 2018 must have a valid YPT certificate by Nov 5th .

Unregistered parents should also complete YPT if your certificate was not obtained in 2018.  While not mandatory, we strongly encourage at least one parent in each household to complete YPT.  Any parent who has contact with Scouts other than his/her own child is required to have a current YPT certificate from BSA.  This means driving Scouts to events, serving on Boards of Review, participating in activities, all need YPT trained adults.

Thank you adults for helping our Scouts to succeed by staying involved in Troop 4 life!