Wilderness First Aid Students Graduate

Field Training in Wilderness 1st Aid

Alan Halcon of www.dirttime.com, and course instructor, leads students of both Troop 4 and Troop 110 through the Wilderness First Aid class. Two Scouts participated as well as nine adults in the intensive, 16-hour course.

The group began with a 2-mile hike into the Arroyo Seco to Gould Mesa Campground. Along the way, Alan talked about and demonstrated Continue reading

ASM’s Complete Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

Recently, four T4 Assistant Scout Masters, Mr. Emerson, Mr. White,  Mrs. Taylorson and Mr. Taylorson completed their Wilderness First Aid certification.

The course was held at Gould Mesa Campground in the Arroyo Seco. They backpacked in about two miles while learning about edible plants and basic wilderness survival. Once at their destination, they set up camp and Continue reading