Trail To Scouting 2013

Trail To Scouting Banner 2013A big thanks to the Scouts, parents and Assistant Scout Masters that helped create a successful Trail To Scouting 2013.

JTP-TTS2013-23.jpgTrail To Scouting is an important event for Troop 4; this is an opportunity for us to share with younger, neighboring Webelo Scouts about who we are and what we do as a Troop.

As a “Boy-led” organization, Troop 4 Scouts were able to demonstrate many of the activities they are involved in, including cooking, fishingJTP-TTS2013-73.jpg, backpacking and knife skills. The Webelo Scouts were given a taste of what it will be like to be not only a Scout, but a coveted, Troop 4 Boy Scout.

JTP-TTS2013-235.jpgTroop 4 believes that the best part of Scouting is “outing” and it shows by all of the activities and trips the boys get to participate in. (Click here to see more!)

If you are visiting or considering a troop for your boy(s), please contact us; we would love to share more with you and your family about our fun-filled Troop.

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