These pages detail information needed from Troop 4 Scouts, registered adults, and unregistered parents. Be sure to complete all sections.

Send questions to

To all new families or volunteers, if you have not registered for Troop 4 previously begin here. Continue with the instructions below once you are registered with the Troop 4, or if you are renewing your annual registration.

You can jump to any section or use the buttons to navigate.  All forms are fillable pdf format and should be viewed with Adobe Reader.  Windows users, right click form link, select “Save link as…” to download the file. Mac users, right click a form link, select “Download Linked File” to download the file. Open the file in Adobe Reader, not Preview.

You can save forms in progress that you have downloaded.  For electronic signature fields, click the field AFTER you have completed everything else.  You will be prompted to create a Digital ID if you don’t have one.  After you digitally sign, you will be asked to save the document again.

If digital signatures seem intimidating, you can always complete the form, print, and sign in ink. After signing in ink you will need to scan the pages and email them or send them via USPS.