Adults complete online Youth Protection Training (YPT)

  • This is required for all adults registered with BSA.
  • Even unregistered parents who plan to have contact with any Scout other than their own, such as driving Scouts to/from events or engaging in Scout activities, must have YPT training.
  • You can get YPT training when you sign up or login at You do not have to be registered with BSA to have access to
  • Training must be completed every 2 years and takes about 90 minutes online. When you go to the training online through, it will say you are up to date if you completed the training last year. Take a screenshot showing you completed the training in case it does not properly register this information with the Council.

Why adults should register with BSA.

  • Scout success is greatly improved with parental involvement.
  • Registered adults are properly trained to lead Scouts safely and effectively. “Every Scout deserves a trained leader.”
  • Enjoy camaraderie and the satisfaction of working with other registered adults and leaders to guide the Troop.
  • Give only as much time as you can. Everyone is a volunteer!
  • YOUR life skills are valuable to our Scouts.
  • Unregistered adults participating in Scout activities are not covered by BSA insurance or liability waivers.

Adult registration instructions.

  • Adults registering for the first time need to complete the entire form using the button below.
  • Adults changing position in the troop need to complete the form, but do not need to supply a SSN again.
Adult Application

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